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Active kids lead to a healthier future.

These days, fitness isn’t just for adults. Kids of all ages are doing various forms of exercise, physical activity, or sports. However, kids aren’t just smaller adults. The way their bodies respond to activity is much different than the way an adult’s might. And the most important difference? It should always be fun! A child should never ‘suffer’ through movement! Our trainers know all this and so any class or training offered for children is formulated with all these differences in mind. Contact us to find out more on how to help keep your child active, improve his or her fitness for a particular sport, or just to have fun!

Kids Activity Programs

WE Run: Building student-to-student mentoring relationships through physical activity

WE Run is a program through local elementary schools that pairs students in a mentoring relationship in order to build character and self-esteem through physical activity. Find out more on the program and how your school can get involved by clicking here!



Sports Performance Training
Grow stronger. Move faster. Achieve more. If you have a child who wants to take his or her game to the next level, sports performance training is key.  Speed, agility, strength, and endurance training all have a focus here, with each type of training focused specifically for your child and his or her specific sport. This can be done one-on-one or in group settings.



Let’s Move! Activity Camp
A camp all about moving! In this program, we keep the kids active over the summer by focusing on fun, moving as much as possible, and welcoming all activity levels! Each day is centered around a general theme, such as sports, water, and balloons, and all activities are completed outside. Sibling discounts are available!




Mini Boot Camp
In this exercise class geared specifically for  improving kids’ fitness levels and health, we use exercises and drills specifically designed and safe for children.  Each week we focus on power, speed, strength, and agility with a different work out each session. All fitness levels are welcome and no experience in sports or exercise is required; each workout can be tailored to ensure a challenging, fun, and safe workout!



Amex Health’s mission: Achieve the healthy lifestyle you aspire for through a professional, personalized approach. There is no ‘one size fits all’ exercise program or diet plan here. Dedication to each individual’s wants, needs, and current lifestyle ensures that the health plan put together for you fits you perfectly and is also able to change with your changing needs.

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