Are you ready to really transform?  Transform your weight, your strength, your diet, your life!  Our Transform Plan will do just that!  This plan is for those ready for a complete transformation of their outlook on health, fitness, and overall wellness.  This plan includes all of the same as the Enhance Plan:

  • Your very own login page where you can track your weight loss, body measurements, and health goals!
  • A monthly newsletter that includes upcoming Amex Health events and programs, health news and updates, exercise demos, and nutritious and delicious recipes!
  • One weekly contact with Lamia Scherzinger, owner of Amex Health and health and fitness expert!  Whether you want a phone call (up to 30 minutes), email exchange, or just a text conversation, Lamia can assist you in finding the right exercises to try, provide diet tips, or help you set realistic and achievable goals!  Each week you will be guaranteed a check-in to see that you are meeting your goals safely, staying on track, and maintaining the right motivation!
  • 15% off all in-person exercise classes!

And it also includes:

  • A weekly group exercise class from the comfort of your very own home!  You will be able to stream (either live or via a playback) of one of our weekly group exercise classes, including warm-up, resistance and cardio exercises, and a cool down.  So you can choose- join us live to enjoy the motivation of being ‘at’ the class or you workout on your own schedule by watching the workout and following along at your pace!
  • And in addition to your weekly contact with Lamia, you will also have unlimited digital interaction with her via email, text, or through your membership login page; meaning access to your own health coach any time you have questions!

Even if you aren’t local to the Cincinnati area, you can still become a member of Amex Health!  Our member plans are open to anyone, anywhere, any time!


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