Our most comprehensive plan, the Achieve Plan will set you up for success no matter where you are on your health journey or what your goals may be.  Available for those that want a personal trainer, but from the comfort of their home.  No gym to worry about, no driving- get all the benefits of a personal trainer without ever leaving your house!  This plan includes all of the same as the Transform Plan:

  • Your very own login page where you can track your weight loss, body measurements, and health goals!
  • A monthly newsletter that includes upcoming Amex Health events and programs, health news and updates, exercise demos, and nutritious and delicious recipes!
  • One weekly contact with Lamia Scherzinger, owner of Amex Health and health and fitness expert!  Whether you want a phone call (up to 30 minutes), email exchange, or just a text conversation, Lamia can assist you in finding the right exercises to try, provide diet tips, or help you set realistic and achievable goals!  Each week you will be guaranteed a check-in to see that you are meeting your goals safely, staying on track, and maintaining the right motivation!
  • In addition to your weekly contact with Lamia, you will also have unlimited digital interaction with her via email, text, or through your membership login page; meaning access to your own health coach any time you have questions!
  • A weekly group exercise class from the comfort of your very own home!  You will be able to stream (either live or via a playback) of one of our weekly group exercise classes, including warm-up, resistance and cardio exercises, and a cool down.  So you can choose- join us live to enjoy the motivation of being ‘at’ the class or you workout on your own schedule by watching the workout and following along at your pace!

But what really sets this plan apart is the workout plan:

  • You will receive one initial consultation to set goals and review your health history, then a monthly workout plan for as long as you renew your membership!  At the beginning of each month, you will review your workout with Lamia and then be set for a month’s worth of resistance training, stretching, cardio, and planned rest days.  The workout will be tailored to you, your goals, and your health.  No one-size-fits-all program here!

Our Achieve Plan is perfect if you aren’t local to the Cincinnati area.  Our member plans are open to anyone, anywhere, any time!


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