Work it Out: October Workout

Each month, as an Amex Health plan member, you will receive either an exercise video to watch and use on your own or an example exercise workout.  If you need help with any of them, please send us a note!  Looking for a certain workout or want to target a specific area?  Let us know!


Exercises (Note: You will need a resistaband and stability ball for this workout.):

  • Station 1:
    • Resistaband High Chest Press
    • Resistaband High Wide Back Rows
    • Resistaband Tricep Pulldowns
    • Resistaband High Bicep Curls
  • Station 2:
    • Stability Ball Push-ups with hands on the ball
    • Stability Ball Squats
    • Stability Ball Bridges
    • Stability Ball Pull-ins
  • Station 3:
    • Bicycle Crunches
    • Butt-ups
    • Leg Lowers
    • Elbow Plank (on toes or knees)

Complete each exercise in the station for 1 minute.  Then move on to the next station.


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