Work it Out: December Workout

Each month, as an Amex Health plan member, you will receive either an exercise video to watch and use on your own or an example exercise workout.  If you need help with any of them, please send us a note!  Looking for a certain workout or want to target a specific area?  Let us know!

Warm up (perform each exercise 30 seconds):

  • Marches
  • Slow squats
  • Arm hugs
  • Left leg quad stretch
  • Right leg quad stretch


  • Mountain Climbers
  • Alternating Lunges
  • High Knees
    • Alternative: Marches
  • Push-ups: Full or Knee
  • Jump Squats
    • Alternative: Regular Squats
  • Dips
    • Alternative: Sit on bench and push down with your hands, lifting your bottom from the bench as much as you can with your arms only
  • Forearm Plank: Toes or Knees
  • V-ups
    • Alternative: Only crunch up, keeping your feet on the ground

Perform each exercise for 1 minute.  Repeat the circuit 2-3 times.


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