How to Control Your Intake:

The issue is that around 70% of our food comes from processed or restaurant prepared foods. And often it is from the more heavily processed foods unfortunately. Here are some specific processed foods that you should limit.

  • Bacon: It contains very high levels of sodium and saturated fat, as well as the preservatives it contains can be classified as carcinogens. For a healthier form of fat, try instead avocados. 
  • Granola bars: Often full of added sugars and simple carbohydrates. Opt for those with the least amount of ingredients and less than 10 g of sugar per bar.
  • Microwavable popcorn: Popcorn is fine. Bagged popcorn, not so much. Try the corn kernels and pop them yourself.
  • Margarine: Full of trans fat, this is one to avoid. Try instead mashed avocado or in cooking you can substitute with yogurts.
  • Frozen dinners: As we mentioned, these are highly processed, and therefore full of sugars, fat, sodium, and other additives. Whenever possible, make your own meal.