How to Increase Your Intake:

To increase your fruit and vegetable intake, the key is to keep it simple! You don’t need to make complicated salads or eat specific types- all are good! But here are some tips to make it as easy as possible.

  • Remember that it doesn’t matter the form- fresh, canned, or frozen are all good! If it is canned, choose those that are in their own juices instead of syrups.
  • Look at your meals and just add them into each meal. Whether that’s adding broccoli to a casserole or an apple for dessert, each meal should include at least a fruit or vegetable in it, if not both.
  • If your schedule is busy and you are always on the go, choose those that are easy to eat on the run. Baby carrots, celery stalks, a banana, or grapes are all easily eaten as you move about your day.
  • If you are attending or hosting an event, always include fruits and vegetables to the meal. Bring a veggie tray, include a salad on the menu, or have fruit as the dessert.