Heather, 35, Lost 83 Pounds In 22 Months!

When did your weight become an issue?

Nine years ago when I became pregnant with my first son.

What were your previous diet attempts?  And what makes this time different? 

I’ve tried cutting back calories, exercising, and cutting certain foods out of my diet.  However, I would lose some, then gain it all back.  Then, after I had my third son in 2016, I just got to a point where I was tired of feeling so bad about myself.  I also had been called out for my weight by many people, which included some individuals that are very close to me.  In fact, my son called me fat and I knew then that I had to do something.

What was your light bulb moment that pushed you to lose weight? 

I met with Amex Health to discuss my eating habits in January of 2017.  I saw I was losing weight, but not as fast as I wanted.  I knew I had to exercise as well.  My personal trainer from Amex Health inspired me to start running, so I slowly started running and working out and I haven’t stopped since.

How did it feel to meet your goal weight?

It felt amazing and never thought I would be back to where I was ten years ago. I am happier now and much more active with my kids.

What is the biggest struggle: food, exercise, temptation?

For me, it’s temptation.  Being around ‘treats’ or certain foods and saying no is hard.  But I have found the strength in me to turn them down and not feel bad about it.

What has kept you motivated when you feel down? 

I know I can do it.  I keep pushing myself.  I get right back on track and keep at it.  [When I feel down] I tell myself, ‘Look how far you have come.  Why stop now and go back to where you were?  Look how happy you are now!’  Also, the fact that I can do so many more things now with my kids because I am not carrying around all the extra weight.

How has your weight loss effected your relationships?

It has changed them immensely.  I am a much happier person now and I have been told I am glowing because of how good I feel about myself.  My husband is so proud of me as our relationship was affected greatly by my weight gain.  All around, it has made me a happier wife, mom, and friend and I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with my trainer, as well as the opportunity to find the strength inside myself to accomplish this goal.

What have you learned about yourself along this weight loss journey?

I’ve learned that I can do anything I set my mind to. It takes dedication and I dedicated my spare time to my health.

What advice would you give to others who are on a similar journey?

Make time to do some sort of exercise every day, even if its just 10 minutes. You have to make time for yourself. Also, make small goals and once you achieve that goal, set a new small goal and keep going until you’ve reached your ultimate goal, whatever that may be. It makes it less daunting and helps to keep you going!


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