Exercise Challenge Week 7: Reach For It!

Why Flexibility Matters:

Often ignored, but just as important, stretching your body offers numerous benefits. Not only does it allow for easier and deeper movements, it also helps you work on building strength and stability. Stretching your muscles and joints also leads to greater range of motion, improved balance, and increased flexibility.

Here are some other benefits of including flexibility into your weekly workouts:

  1. It leads to fewer injuries. Once you develop strength and flexibility in your body you’ll be able to withstand more physical stress. Plus, you’ll be working on any muscle imbalances, which will reduce your chance of getting injured during physical activity. 
  2. It will lead to less overall pain. When your muscles are looser and less tense, you’ll experience fewer aches and pains. 
  3. You will have improved posture and balance. When you focus on increasing muscular flexibility your posture is likely to improve. Working out your body allows you to have proper alignment and correct any imbalances. 
  4. It assists with a more positive outlook. When we stretch out, it can lead to feeling more relaxed. This can help your state of mind become more positive overall.
  5. You will gain strength. Having the right amount of tension in your muscles so that they’re strong enough to support you and your movements will lead to you becoming more physically fit.
  6. You will have better overall physical performance in any activity you perform. As you increase your flexibility, you will obtain greater movement in your body, leading to better physical performance.

Week 7 Workout

Beginner Flexibility Training Workout (30:00 workout)

Weekly Challenge:

Reach For It: Flexibility Training Challenge

Why It’s Important: Stretching our muscles, tendons, and ligaments allows our body to perform at it’s peak ability. It also will lead to less aches and pains!

Your Challenge: Add in two days of flexibility training this week. If you are new to it or unsure what to do, here is a simple workout you can complete with no equipment necessary!






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