Student Athlete Nutrition Series: Session 2

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If you have a young athlete, you are aware of both the physical demands sports play on their bodies and the difficulty it can be to explain how to properly fuel and hydrate for these sports.  Inundated with non-nutritious snacks and drinks, trying to get your child to eat in order to better prepare them for their physical activity (and trying to set better eating habits for years to come) is a challenge!

This weekly series will change all that!  Designed with both the student and their parent/guardian in mind, each session will break down how to eat to fuel your body, how stay hydrated, and more!  And the final session will include a Q&A session with a Registered Dietitian!

These sessions are for BOTH the student and their guardian, so please ensure both can make each session.

Session 2: Myth Busters

Fat is bad for you.  Carbs are bad for you.  Don’t eat too much sugar.  You need sugar for energy.  WHAT IS THE TRUTH??  So many untrue and potentially harmful nutrition myths exist out there, which can lead to unhealthy eating habits that can affect even children.  In this session we will be busting these myths and help your student athlete understand how to tell nutritional fact from fiction.

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  • 02/01/2020 3:40 pm   -   3:40 pm
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