Scott Workout 7

Downward Dog Leg Raises

Begin in downward facing dog, then raise your left leg to move into down-dog split (a). Bend your left knee and pull towards forehead (b). Straighten the leg back.  Complete 12 total, 6 on each side.

Modified Elbow Plank Twist

Begin in a regular elbow plank on your knees.  Twist your entire torso to the left reaching your left arm up toward the ceiling. Your pelvis will rotate, too, but try to keep it in line with your body. No sinking or lifting.  Return to back down to the elbow plank, and repeat the twisting motion to the right.  Complete 12 total, 6 on each side.

Donkey Kicks

Get down on all fours, hands in line with your shoulders, knees in line with your hips.  Keep your torso, including your head, straight.  Lift up your left leg while keeping the knees bent, so that the thigh is parallel to the floor. Make sure the foot is pointing towards the ceiling.  Come back to the original position and repeat 12 times before switching legs.


Doorway Chest Stretch

Standing in the middle of the doorway, hold your arms in a U-shape like a field goal post with palms facing forward. Place each hand on opposite sides of the walls of the doorway and gently lean or push your body forward.  Hold for 15 seconds.

Shoulder Blade Stretch

Place right elbow on left elbow.  Now take your left hand and interlace it around the right arm.  In this position you can apply more pressure to feel your upper back opening.  Hold for 15 seconds and then switch arms.


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