Scott Workout 6


Scott Curry

Modified Elbow Plank Reach

Begin in an elbow plank on your knees, keeping a straight line from your knees to your head.  Slowly reach your right arm straight out, with the thumb pointed toward the ceiling. Return back to elbow plank, and reach your left arm out. Complete 12 total, 6 on each side.

Reverse Lunge with Reach

Stand with your hands at your waist, and step back with your left leg into a deep lunge. Increase the stretch by lifting your left arm overhead and reaching to the the right.  Make sure you are lowering your back leg and your front knee does not go past your front toe.  Return to standing, and repeat this move on the other side.  Complete 12 total, 6 on each side.

Pilate Roll-up

Lie on your back with arms overhead.  Bring the arms forward until they are above your head (fingertips pointing to the ceiling).  Lift the head and together with the arms roll your spine up one vertebra at a time, keeping your navel pulled into your spine.  Roll up completely until you are bending forward reaching toward your toes.  To return, stack your vertebrae one at a time, until you are sitting erect, and then slowly roll down starting from the sacrum (pelvic tilt backward to touch sacrum down first) one vertebra at a time until you are lying flat on your back again with arms overhead.  Complete 12 repetitions.

Legs on the Wall Stretch

Lie on your back with your feet the base of the wall.  Slowly straighten your legs up and try to move your bottom as close to the wall as possible. Hold for 15 seconds.

Calf Stretch

Stand a little less than arm’s distance from the wall.  Step your left leg forward and your right leg back, keeping your feet parallel.  Bend your left knee and press through your right heel.  Hold for 15 seconds and then switch legs.



Lateral Side Stretch

Stand tall with feet and legs together and reach both arms straight up overhead as you inhale.  Lower your right arm down the right side of your body and exhale as you lengthen the left arm over the head, bending body gently to the right.  Hold for 15 seconds.  Inhale to return arms overhead to center and exhale as you repeat on the left side.


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