Scott Workout 2


Scott Curry

All exercises are for 3 sets of 12 on each side, stretches are for 3 sets of 15 seconds on each side.

Bird-Dog Exercise

Kneel with knees hip-width apart and your hands firmly placed on the ground about shoulder-width apart. Point your right arm out straight in front and extend the opposite leg behind you. You should form one straight line from your hand to your foot, keeping hips squared to the ground. Hold for a second then return your hands and knees to the starting position.  Complete all exercises on one side then switch.

Fire Hydrants

Start on your hands and knees. Place your shoulders above your hands and your hips above your knees. Tighten your core and look down.  Lift your left leg away from your body at a 45-degree angle. Keep your knee at 90 degrees.  Lower your leg to starting position to complete 1 rep.  Complete all exercises on one side then switch.

Front to Side Marches

Stand with both feet under hips. Slowly raise one your leg with the knee bent until your hip is bent at 90 degrees.  Then rotate your hip out to the side before lowering your leg back down.  Complete all exercises on one side then switch.

Standing Twists

Stand with your knees slightly soft, holding a dumbbell at chest level.  Keep your pelvis stable as you rotate your rib cage right and left, to complete one rep. Be sure to keep your abs pulled toward your spine as you twist from side to side.  Do 20 total, 10 on each side.

Bent Over Back Stretch

Stand facing the back of a chair with your feet shoulder-width apart. Take hold of the chair back with your hands. You should be leaning forward a bit. Keeping your back straight, move your body forward at the hips. It’s okay if you need to bend your knees a little.  Keep moving your body down until you feel a stretch in your shoulders and along your back. Your back will probably end up parallel with the ground, or your head may even go below your shoulders.  Hold for 15 seconds



Hip Flexor Sprinter Stretch

While standing, place your knee on a chair as shown. Next, bend your stance knee to stretch the front of the thigh on the leg that is on the chair.Hold for 15 seconds before repeating on the the opposite leg.




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