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Scott Curry

Remember to begin with some jumping jacks or stationary marches to get your blood flowing.  Then start with a 30-second plank, follow it with the two other exercise, then the stretches, then end with one more 30-second plank.  All exercises are for 3 sets of 12 on each side, stretches are for 3 sets of 15 seconds on each side.


Begin lying on the floor with your forearms flat on the floor, making sure that your elbows are aligned directly under your shoulders. Engage your core and raise your body up off the floor, keeping your forearms and knees on the floor and your body in a straight line from your head to your knees. Keep your abs engaged and try not to let your hips rise or drop.

One-Leg Reaches

Stand with both feet under hips. Shift your weight to the right leg, which should be nice and straight with a soft bend in the knee. Begin to drive your left foot back, keeping your leg straight. Simultaneously, slowly start hinging at the waist, tipping your torso forward until it’s almost parallel to the floor. Reach forward with your left hand as if trying to reach for the floor. At the bottom of the position, your body should be in a straight line from the top of your head to the bottom of your left foot. Then, begin pulling your left leg forward while keeping it straight, and lift your torso up until you’re standing again. That’s one rep. Repeat all reps on one side, then switch legs.


Standing Leg Raises

Stand with both feet under hips. Keeping your toes pointed forward, lift one leg straight out to the side about 20-30 degrees. Then slowly lower back down.  Repeat three sets of 12 repetitions on each leg. Remember to keep your torso straight during standing leg lifts. If you find yourself leaning, don’t lift your leg quite so high.



Figure 4 Stretch

Image result for seated figure 4 stretchSit with your back straight.  Place your right ankle on your left knee.  Slowly bend forward at the waist, keeping your back straight, while you push gently down on your left leg until you feel a stretch.  Hold for 15 seconds before repeating on the the opposite leg.





Wall Leg Stretch

Stand with your right leg facing the wall.  Cross the left leg in front of the right leg.  Push your right hip into the wall while leaning your upper body away from the wall until you feel a stretch in the side of your right leg.  Hold for 15 seconds before repeating on the the opposite leg.


Standing Hamstring Stretch

Place your right heel on a step with your knee extended and lean forward while straightening your leg and keeping your hips squared to the step.  Try to keep your back straight while performing this stretch.  Check to make sure the supporting foot is straight not turned out.   Hold for 15 seconds before repeating on the the opposite leg.


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